The pro-Trump Republicans have called the Democrats a lot of names lately. And whether it has been “Snowflake”, or “Communist” or any other offensive term, the president has been at least somewhat responsible for the increased hatred between the two parties.

Recently, a Trump supporter took to Facebook to attack the former President Barack Obama and to support the current president. However, the last thing this person expected was to argue with a former US Marine.

See a screenshot of the exchange below:

According to the Trump supporter:

“We had a p*ssy for 8 years as a president now that we have a President that is for the American People, you all attack him. North Korea was allowed to produce nuclear weapons, while a Muslim President was weak and allowed countries to see us as weak. North Korea fires 1 missile they need to be taken out. This Country Will Never Back Down Again.


And the former US Marine replied:

“I served as a US Marine under President Obama, and there was nothing “p*ssy” about the man. Not everything was a d*ck measuring contest or an opportunity to show everyone how awesome he was. The way Trump is addressing North Korea is dangerous, foolish, and anything but presidential. This is not how men in his position should be acting, and I think you’re confusing false bravado and chest-pounding with poise and sound leadership. Happens a lot with you people. The man could fart into a microphone and you’d mistake it for MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.”

He also said that he was offended because he gambled with his own life as well as the civilian population. Additionally, he said that Trump would understand how devastating war was. But only if he “didn’t receive five draft deferments during Vietnam and actually served.”

The former US Marine also added:

“Have you already spoken to a military recruiter and will you be backing up your beliefs with sacrifice and action? Of course not, that’s what people like me are for. You all bang the war drum in the cozy confines of your home, knowing myself and many others will have to abandon our lives – again – to further advance the military industrial complex while assuaging the insecurities of a petty man. Also, I only mention being a Marine to reinforce my opinion based off ample experience. While it is appreciated, I’m not looking for kudos.”


Anyone can see that the fact countless marines and ex-marines have stood up and spoken against Trump, truly shows how far the GOP has fallen.

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