President Donald Trump this Wednesday called Jeffrey Lord who used to work as CNN pundit a ‘’good man’’ and one of his new sources of truth. There is a story behind this of course. Trump does not praise anyone from whom he does not have interest in. At least that is what we learned from his past experiences.

President Trump had made a speech regarding the taxes that are in Pennsylvania. During the speech that he was giving he gave a shout out to Jeffrey Lord. Jeffrey Lord resides in Pennsylvania. Lord made his appearance at the Trump’s speech.

Trump started by saluting Jeffrey and he went on by saying the great Jeffrey Lord used to be on the fake news that were going on CNN for a very long time. He also added that Jeffrey used to be one of his few sources of truth, he finished praising by thanking him for his presence.


There must have been big truths involved in their connection since the President showed signs that were beyond satisfaction and gratitude. Or maybe there are only few people of this range that would cooperate with a President like Trump.

According to Truth Examiner ,CNN and Jeffrey Lord parted ways after Lord wrote on his twitter account ‘’Sieg Heil!’’ as a response to Twitter pointed towards one liberal activist. Right until August Lord used to be something as a prominent surrogate for Trump.


In August Jeffrey Lord had told The Hill that he is not hesitating when it comes to using a Nazi salute. He also added that if he had known that this is the way that is going to end and that these re going to be the consequences he would have done it all over again. He concluded the conversation by saying that you should go after these kind of people and that this is not acceptable under any circumstances.