After being hit by the Hurricane Harvey, Florida is preparing for another strike by Hurricane Irma, which is already demolishing Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. However, Trump is not as worried for the country, as he is for his properties.

The Trump Organization is controlling the Hurricane and is making sure that everyone is safe and sound. Yet, Trump’s properties, including Mar-a-Lago, stay vigorous. Having been built in 1937, it has gone through many hurricanes and disasters, and still, survived.

Former Trump butler said: “That’s why, during a hurricane, you’ll always see me here. If it goes, I’ll go with it.”

This enormous object could be people’s safe haven during these times. Trump did not manage to cope well with the previous hurricane, but this time, he must act reasonably and avoid following Joel Osteen’s footsteps.

Joel was criticized and shamed for not opening his Lakewood megachurch to survivors. If only Trump does the same, Joel’s lapse would be nothing compared to his.

Through some of his statements regarding this rough weather, Trump has shown that he lacks empathy. Namely, when he was told by his responders about the trouble they are about to face, not only he cared more about the state of the helicopter rather than theirs, but also he said: “better you than me.


Trump must be aware of the consequences he is going to face if he does not act in an expected way at these moments. That is to say, he must open Mar-a-Lago, if it is still in undamaged condition, and approve the evacuation.

Otherwise, by making some terrible choices, he would only expose himself to public shaming.

Maybe his main concern is how he will look in people’s eyes. Maybe that is the reason why he acts in one way or another. Maybe if someone tells him that he will look good in everyone’s eyes if he opens the door for the victims, he will do it.