Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia just confirmed that at least three people have been killed after the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville escalated into violence.

When did the number of victims escalate?

One of the three victims died after a car drove through a crowd of protesters. However, the other two victims were officers from the Virginia State Police Department that were in a helicopter that crashed.

The crash happened only a few miles outside of the town. Thus far it’s unclear what was the cause of the crash.

According to the Virginia State Police, the helicopter crashed in a wooded area near a home. The tragic event happened around 5 p.m. The police are currently investigating the crash and it’s unclear whether it was connected to the protests nearby.

This incident comes after the governor declared a state of emergency in the city. The declaration was made after violent clashes between white nationalist and Nazi groups and counter-protesters.


These white nationalist, white supremacist as well as alt-right groups were scheduled to protest in Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park to protest a decision from the city to remove a statue of a confederate.

However, the clashed broke out right before the “Unite the Right” rally was supposed to begin. Thus, the police declared the crowd an “unlawful assembly” and they broke up the event before it officially started.

A little after the police broke up the clashes that had turned violent, a vehicle drove through the crowd of protesters. Two other vehicles were involved in the incident.


There was a video that was posted to social media platforms that showed a vehicle plowing through the protesters. Meanwhile, another vehicle hits into its rear bumper, before it backs away, once again, into a crowd of protesters. In many other images and videos posted online of the incident, people are seen being treated for their injuries.

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