President Trump has been building his campaign upon his ‘All-American’ promises.

Remember his Labor day tweet?

People roasted him on that because of Melania’s dress. Read more about that HERE.

Well, here’s another example of him crushing his own words. And no one even seems surprised by this. Everyone just assumes that he won’t keep his promise, he hasn’t so far…

President Trump reportedly hired a Chinese construction firm for his family business. What makes it even worse is the fact that we’re talking about a Chinese company owned by the Chinese government. The company was reportedly hired by the Trump organization to work on a project worth $32 million.


According to McClatchy, A $32 million contract was awarded to the Middle East subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation by DAMAC Properties, the Trump Organization’s partner.

The contract was reportedly signed in the beginning of this year. It includes building a road for the Trump World Golf Club Dubai, McClatchy claims.

According to an official from the Trump Organization, the Chinese company was “appointed by DAMAC to undertake some infrastructure work and to build one of their hospitality developments” and is “totally unrelated” to the golf club.

There is a member of the Issue One nonprofit organization, Meredith McGehee. She is a chief of policy, programs and strategy there. This nonprofit works to reduce the role of money in politics. She warned of conflicts of interests while in office.

“This is not just a concern of good government organizations,” she told McClatchy. “It was a fundamental concern of the Founding Fathers.”

Now, what do we believe?

I totally see Trump doing this, there is not a doubt in my mind. Is there anywhere a parallel universe where we should believe what President Trump is telling us? Has he proven that he’s honest with us?

If you ask me, that could never be the case, but who knows…


We’ll just have to wait and find out. The truth always reveals itself. There’s nowhere to hide.