Trump is campaigning for Luther Strange in the run-off election to replace Jeff Sessions as the Senator for Alabama. He also claimed that the unemployment has been at a record law since he entered office, in a robocall that went out.

In the recorded call, Trump says “We’ve fulfilled so many of our promises, everything we’ve wanted to do we’re doing. Unemployment is at a record low, jobs are flowing back into the country.”

The official unemployment rate in July was 4.3 percent while it was 4.8 percent in January when Trump became president.

However, six out of the past 12 presidents actually had lower rates of unemployment. Under George W. Bush it was 4.2 percent, and it was 3.9 percent under Bill Clinton. Then, it was 4.2 percent under Richard Nixon and 3.4 percent under Lyndon B. Johnson. Next, it was 2.5 percent under Dwight D. Eisenhower and 2.7 percent under Harry Truman.

Yet, during the campaign, Trump repeatedly rejected the unemployment rates under Obama as false. He claimed that tens of millions of people hadn’t been counted.

And all of these claims come right after the public has taken a clear stance against Trump. Apparently, there’s a good reason why Trump likes staying at his golf clubs. It’s because the people outside of his establishments don’t really like him.

Today, Trump is arriving in New York City after a disaster-filled weekend where he didn’t properly address the groups responsible for the terrorist attack in Charlottesville.

The protesters have been eagerly waiting for Trump in New York City. They want to remind him that “New York hates” him. One of the Snapchat editors even uploaded a video of the people outside Trump Tower. The protesters can be heard chanting “New York hates you.”

Watch the clip of the protest below:

The president announced his journey to New York City via Twitter:

ABC News tweeted a video of the protests too. Watch below:

After the attack in Charlottesville, Trump made a very controversial statement. He said that there were “many sides” to blame for the incidents instead of blaming the white nationalist groups that attended.

And it wasn’t until long after Trump got massive backlash for this statement, that he made another one where he blamed the KKK and the neo-Nazis for the violence.

Unfortunately, he backpedaled into his original statement and event blamed the “alt-left” for the violence on Tuesday.

See more pictures and videos of the protests in New York City below:


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