Thursday morning the CNN’s breaking news title said that executive order on health care was signed by President Trump.

According to RawStory Trump made his appearance at the signing ceremony and started his speech by saying that once and for all our country will have a great health care system. After that short speech, he waved his hand and thanked everybody.

As he announced that he would be signing this executive order he shook hands with everyone present in the ceremony. After his greetings his job was to sign the executive order on health care, however, the president had headed towards the exit door. Apparently, he forgot that besides his presence and his speech there is one more thing to do on the ceremony. And it is the most important thing for the health care system, that is his signature. We would not want to believe that the president would consciously think that his words and his smile are enough for the order but the scary thing is that even that would not have surprised us. Let’s be real our president’s ego is enormous and it is not weird if he thinks that his appearance is more than enough.


A good thing on the ceremony appeared to be Vice Precedent’s  Pence presence since he was the one who had stopped the president from leaving the executive order signing ceremony right when the signing had to happen.

Funny or tragic but this is the second time this year that President Trump made an attempt to leave an executive order signing ceremony before he signed the order as he should. It makes us wonder, is it forgetfulness? Or maybe a bad habit? In both cases these should not be the characteristic of the president of our country, better yet in any country.


Apparently, thanks should be given toward Vice President Mike Pence because knowing our President’s unpredictable behavior he might have left if Pence did not tap him on his arm and reminded him that there is one more thing left to do.