Once again President Trump had proved that the Bil of Rights is nothing more than a piece of paper for him and his blatant attack this morning on the First Amendment is not going unnoticed. The truth is that no matter who the Bill of Rights cannot be treated like a piece of paper that can be ignored and even degraded when politically convenient. One more time The President had shown that he has no problem when it comes to crossing the line. His threats were made towards NBC’s broadcasting license and this came as a response to news coverage of his administration that he did not like.

Assaults of this type against free speech are unprecedented. The absurd thing is that they are being launched by someone who swore to protect the Constitution and all the rights that are guaranteed within. This was just another sign that President Trump aspires to be a dictator. The lack of respect that he showed to the Bill of Rights was just another disturbing peek into the head of our leader.


And yet he continues to preach about the importance of our country, our flag and our nation. It appears that respect toward fundamental things appears only when Trump find it convenient for him and his actions. One the many bizarre sides of President Trump is also his fetishization of foreign strongmen such as Vladimir Putin. This also shows where his heart truly lies and what are his true priorities when it comes to politics and leading a nation.

Trump’s tweets were put into chilling perspective from Golden Globe-winning actor Ron Perlman. Perlman took to Twitter in order for him to point out some contemporary leaders from the past that shared presidents penchant for going against the free press.


The leaders that appeared on Perlman’s tweets were Josef Stalin of the USSR, Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and others responsible for either mass murder, war or assault on personal liberty.