According to an amateur genealogist, Tomi Lahren has a bit of an immigrant background. The genealogist found proof that the conservative pundit’s great-grandfather was charged by a grand jury for forging his citizenship papers.

Jennifer Mendelsohn published an essay about this on She took initiative because of Lahren’s statement about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Tami took it to Twitter to comment about DACA this Wednesday:

Mendelsohn stated:

“I was curious how long it would take me to hit an immigrant if I dug into the tree of Tomi Lahren, the platinum blonde, snowflake-hating ultra-conservative firebrand recently hired by Fox News. The answer was ‘not long, but I never expected to hit pay dirt quite like I did.”


She started snooping around Lahren’s family tree. She started out with her parents, then grandparents, when she reached her great-grandparents. Mendelsohn found out that Lahren’s great-great-grandfather Constantine — sometimes spelled “Konstantin” was tried before a grand jury for his forgery crimes and “willfully, unlawfully and knowingly” gave a false affidavit in conjunction with naturalization proceedings in Bismarck, ND.

Lahren’s great-great-grandfather was born in Odessa, Russia in 1887. He immigrated to the US when he was 18, and went before the grand jury in 1917 for violations of the Naturalization Act of 1906.

Mendelsohn stated:

“I bring this to light not to shame or embarrass Tomi Lahren. Poke any family tree and you’ll often find similar irregularities. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Constantin Dietrich was a bad person or a scorn-worthy ‘illegal’ to be demonized. Perhaps it only means that like millions of others, his overweening desire to become a US citizen may have caused him to try to cut a corner or two”.

She went on to point out Lahren’s irony when she is going after illegal immigrants every day and she is one of them. In fact, most of us are.


What do you think of this? What’s Lahren gonna do now?