Erik Prince, Betsy DeVos’ brother, is one of the biggest donors to Trump and the Republican party. However, he’s also the founder of Blackwater. That is the private “security” company that was one of the several that the George W. Bush administration was using in Iraq.

However, Prince was also working as a “shadow” adviser to Trump’s campaign. Furthermore, he even worked to create a secret back channel between Trump’s campaign members and Putin.

Apparently, The United Arab Emirates arranged a meeting between Prince and some Russian that was close to the Russian President. The meeting was held in an effort to establish a back channel of communication between the top officials.

Although the agenda is unclear, the Emirates agreed to broker the meeting in order to explore if Russia could be persuaded to reduce the relationship with Iran.

Erik Prince might end up getting rewarded with massive government contracts. That’s because Trump values loyalty to him above anything.


How would Erik Prince get rewarded for this?

Additionally, Prince revealed a new plan that aims to privatize the military operations in Afghanistan.

Currently, the White House is considering turning over a big part of the US war in Afghanistan to private contractors. Their aim is to turn the tide in a war that’s gone stalemate.

Under the proposal, around 5,500 private contractors would advise Afghanistan combat forces. This also includes a 90-plane private air force. They are going to provide air support in the against the Taliban insurgents.


The proposal comes as the two sides of the war are facing a stalemate and Trump’s growing frustration about the lack of progress.

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