A girl that appeared to be a model recently leaked a video of the Miami Dolphins coach. On the video, the coach is snorting what appears to be cocaine. The video shows that this is a type of a revenge from the couch directed towards the team owner who seems to be backing President Donald Trump on players protest.

This Sunday was played the Indianapolis Colts game. More than 20 players as a sign of a protest knelt with one hand on their hearts during the national anthem. President Trump ordered Vice President Mike Pence to leave the game if something like this occurred.

The video was leaked by a girl named Kijuana Nige. Her profession seems to be a model and she mostly works in Las Vegas. She posted the video on her Facebook account late Sunday. The video was showing offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting lines through $20 bill. The video took place inside Dolphins offices and right before a team meeting was about to start. This was reported by the Miami New Times.


The video went viral and different comments appeared. Most of them weren’t that supportive of the couch judging by his ex-girlfriends responses. She said that white people were mad at her as she forced him to make such move so that she can record it. She started defending herself and the couch in a way be claiming that those aren’t his habits and he recorded the video by himself. According to the model, the coach had sent her the video to profess his love. She also added that the people who had a negative response to the video were quick to make excuses for him. However, they will roast a minority player over an anthem, dog fights, weed, domestic issues etc. Nige continued by saying that even after this they allow themselves to say that all lives matter so they should keep quiet.


The model claimed that if the coach was black he would be dragged thru the mud.Nige confirmed that she was Forester’s girlfriend. Forester coached 34 years in the NFL for several teams.