Despite all the vulgarity, all his disrespect towards women, all the bragging about sexual assault, and just about everything about him, Trump still, somehow, won the support of the conservative Christians all across the country. And still, these supporters continue to love him. Furthermore, they also believe that God sent Trump to save America and that he is also going to protect him.

This is what the far-right pastor named Rick Joyner, stated in a Facebook video that he posted last Thursday. He also completely dismissed the development Mueller had issued grand jury subpoenas for Trump’s financial records. Furthermore, he sent out a warning: God is going to take out all the people who will try to take down president Trump.

He said “Trump isn’t going anywhere. Watch everybody fall who goes after him. Watch it. It’s because he has a divine purpose.”


Joyner also added “God put him there, and only God is going to be able to take him out. You watch what happens to everyone else who tries. Watch what happens to our Congress, watch what happens to Republicans who are obstructionist and devious in their methods too, who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the opposite. Watch what God does in these days.”


The pastor also ended the video with asking people to pray for the president. He said “for the most part, everybody’s having the time of their life” within the Administration.

Watch Rick Joyner’s video below:

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